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This collection is about objects of fitness. Physical fitness refers to a condition that an individual being physically healthy and fit. The ability to perform aspects of sports and daily activities through nutrition and physical exercise with the use of these collection.

Fitness is like a relationship. You can’t cheat and expect it to work.
Yuri Elkaim
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Yoga Mat

Yoga mat is a specially fabricated mat used as aid during yoga fitness to prevent slipping when practicing. It provides a cushioned non-slip surface in which an individual can perform yoga asanas safely in order to improve individuals' flexibility, muscular strength, and health which is considered as a kind of fitness.


Dumbbells are equipment used in weight training which is also a kind indoor fitness that can even be done at home, aiming to de-stress, muscle-building and slim the whole body. Also, Dumbbell fuses physical and mental conditioning for a person's body and mind workout with minimal equipment needed.

Weighing Scale

Weighing scale is one of the most important components of fitness as it can help to track a person's weight in order to keep the weight in an appropriate range. It can also provide data to calculate the Body Mass Index to check if a person is in a healthy weight range and give a measurement about health risks. Acting like an indicator in the process of fitness.

Water Bottle

Water bottle is a container that people will bring with them when they go fitness in order to ensure they can consume enough water. As when doing fitness, people are more likely to be losing water through sweating which will start out dehydrated. So, water lubricates the entire body and helps the body to work more efficiently in fitness.

Swimming Googles

Goggles are used to protect the eyes from material in the water while swimming to prevent infection. As swimming is a kind of fitness and a good all-round activity that helps to burns calories and works the whole body. Also, helping to build your muscles, maintaining a healthy weight and cardiovascular fitness.


Runners are comfortable and protect your feet while running. Running is considered as the easiest fitness as you can do anywhere at any time without time, location and equipment limit which helps to burn calories and improve body health.

Tennis Racket

Tennis racket is a sports implement used to strike the ball while playing games. Tennis is a kind of sport for maintaining health, strength, and fitness which can do with a friend. Also, it can lower body fat, improving metabolic function and increasing aerobic capacities, aiming to be fit.


Apples help to deliver powerful nutrients when doing fitness as they contain lots of natural compounds that increase endurance during exercise which help to boost your workout. And after fitness, apples compound help accelerate recovery and promote weight loss because they are considered as 'fat-fighting fruit'.

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